CNET Tech Review: Lights! Camera! Apps!

Movie Ranking: four / 5

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  1. Can’t one edit a clip with real director and then add music with iMovie app.

  2. Late!

  3. @Meta221 If you really need the music I guess. But it should be updated
    with iPod Features soon since in iOS 4 Apple made the API’s open so Dev can
    have access to adding it to any app.

  4. @boriquapower so i have to pay an extra 5$ to add music to my movie?

  5. “guys, don’t lay this one in your lap if you like getting father’s day
    cards” and “pocket Chernobyl” Mr. Cooley is hilarious :D

  6. Ha Ha that fat guy at 18:40 is using google chrome! i love google chrome

  7. SIXTH!!!

  8. ValenciaFan94

    can the radiation hurt us?

  9. Plus isn’t iPod API’s are open for anyone to use in iOS 4

  10. Chris Richardsen

    lights, Camera, ASIANS

  11. @TugaPipeJunior its Very average. like 1.01

  12. yeah a fast cpu that can’t handle simple hand gestures!

  13. Uranus Authority

    My dad has that headset :) like 140 bucks i think

  14. yea, i got 50 grand just for a car with shit i’m not going to use

  15. ive never seen a tv in the past 5 years without vga

  16. The guy talking about the tv and laptop needs to do more research! He says
    “all laptops have vga” and this is simply NOT true. Also, why is the car
    portion the longest part of the video? Balance your sections out!

  17. she is not funny and she can act

  18. first?

  19. have you heared about win+p to show image on TV on it’s connected??

  20. my parents phone’s do that, not really that new (there phone is 3 years old)

  21. ad-apter…hum….ok I’ll laugh. ahah xD

  22. some sort of commercial break

  23. why cant they hire a hot girl to host the show

  24. Molly Wood FTW!

  25. jerrylikevideos