Tech Review: BlackBerry 10 (Part 2/2)

Video clip Ranking: 4 / 5

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  1. multimillionaireguy

    this is not opinionated this is scripted your being paid to say it

  2. Then please tell me where else do you have an aggregated message center,
    where ALL messages from ANYWHERE come in, WITHOUT going into a single
    fucking app, then leaving the app, going into another app and leaving
    again. Where else you can check ANY imaginable messages AT ONCE?! STOP
    bullshit’n around you troll and collect some REAL arguments before bashing
    the most innovative OS that has hit the market for YEARS.

  3. temidoyo metereyiku

    Well done blackberry.

  4. BlackBerry is doing there thing!For the others once you are on top can you
    stay there.!?

  5. Blackberry Hub = Notification Center. They’re just changing the name of
    existing features. There is nothing new or special about this phone. But at
    least BB fans have finally something comparable to the iPhone and android

  6. @chonaV looks like iPhone5 as much as my Vaio laptop looks like a Toshiba
    laptop, or a Samsung Tv looks like an LG Tv…its a slate design, get over

  7. I say it’s a bit of a stupid mobile!

  8. Good informative review. Unbiased and straight forward. Thanks!

  9. Looks like an iPhone5.

  10. I’ve heard many people say that it looks like the back of an iPhone but I
    have also heard that the leaks to this device were out before the iPhone 5.
    I think that the white one doesn’t really look like an iPhone 5 because it
    shows the full size of the screen. Oh and I’ve also heard that BlackBerry
    was working on this way before an iPhone 5.

  11. Well done RIM,you could say their back in the game

  12. Is there a gps navigation on the z10 (native app)?

  13. you are a moron… You are just saying blackberry sucks and you cant even
    support your own comment.

  14. Holy jesus cuticle

  15. Thanks for that one, mate! :) you saved my day! absolutely agree with u.

  16. By the way, refering to ,,nothing new or special about this phone”. How
    does apples cock tastes like?! Just show me ONE noteworthy fucking feature
    in the last 5 years, that iOS has come up with! ^^ iOS is as dead as it
    gets, not more than hype and marketing, to which the actual products dont
    live up to. android is a security nightmare, with no security whatsoever
    BUILT IN their OS/devices. You cannot simply ADD security by update ^^ as
    security becomes THE important feature, BBRY will prevail.

  17. It is like a notification center and the Bold 9900 has its own
    notifications. But it isn’t about that, it’s about how everything flows. If
    someone is browsing on a Z10 and they get the notification light the they
    can simply swipe up and to the right and check if the message is important.
    If the message is not important then they go right back to browsing. It
    does seem like a little detail but sometimes those little things make a
    difference. I do understand what you are saying though. :)

  18. yes. TomTom has done that for Blackberry

  19. The screen is too small.

  20. blackberry is rubbish!!!!!!!! i wish blackberry would just stop making
    phones coz they are the worst phone evetrrr like if u agree? XD